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Pine Lamia

Pine Lamia

A proposal from the type of PE Christmas trees.

It is a Christmas tree made of both classic twigs (PVC foil) and PE twigs (polyethylene). Classic twigs are made of foil in a medium shade of green intertwined at the core with short needles (about 5 mm) in medium brown. Lamia pine has twigs with different cuts. Some of them (classic twigs, foil twigs) are cut at a point,
(the length of the spike itself is about 5 cm) they are painted with white paint at the ends, while the rest, which are its filling, have a classic cut.

Lamia pine also has PE twigs, wide and spreading with a long needle.

(twigs are in a shade of medium green), they are delicately decorated with pearl glitter.

1,20m 1,50m 1,80m 2,20m 2,40m